The Masters of Leverage

The secret to getting world class telecom contracts & pricing.

This book is written specifically for the CIOs, CFOs, Telecom Directors and Procurement Directors of Fortune 2000-Sized Companies. This kind of financial security can provide you with many choices.

Is your company receiving ‘just average’ pricing for a company of your size with AT&T or Verizon?

Here’s what I mean. 70% of Fortune 2000 corporations are average in negotiating their communication costs. 15% are below average and the remaining 50% are above. Only 5% of Fortune 2000 corporations have negotiated world-class pricing for their communication costs. These have saved up to 30%, which can translate into many millions of dollars.

The ability to save substantial dollars has little to do with the size of the corporation. Many small corporations, in fact, save amounts of money inversely proportional to their size. It’s all about leverage based on inside knowledge.

We can help you find out how much you should pay, at no cost to you. Most Companies can reduce their pricing by as much as 30% no matter when their AT&T, Verizon or Sprint wireless and wire line contracts come due. It is found money.

Our principles and key advisers are former insiders in several of the giant telecom companies. Previously, they represented their respective carriers to negotiate pricing with corporations like yours. They can now work for you. Their inside knowledge of pricing is a huge asset in contract negotiation on your behalf.

My associate will be calling you to schedule an informal meeting for us to speak. I’d like to discuss a complimentary assessment and evaluation of how your corporation compares to others in terms of its communication costs. There is no cost to you for the meeting or our subsequent assessment and evaluation.

Only after we save you substantial amounts of money, compared to your present costs, will there be any investment on your part. In other words, there is no fee to you, unless you save significant.dollars. Imagine buying a stock after its price goes up for what it costs before it went up. That’s what this is like.

Our clients have used their savings to enhance their bottom line as well as retain key employees they would otherwise have to let go. You may know a better point of contact, when I call, please let me know who is responsible for your wireless and wire line telecom contracts.

The Masters of Leverage Complete Kit includes:

  • The Masters of Leverage PDF file (Readable on any computer, tablet/iPad, or smart phone)
  • The Masters of Leverage MP3 Audio Book collection (Listen on any computer or MP3 player/audio media device)
  • A scheduled seminar specifically for your group, hosted by The Masters of Leverage author, Brett Machtig

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