Your Guide to Financial Freedom

Grow it. Keep it. Protect it.

Each chapter addresses the essential steps in the wealth creation process. First we deal with why money stresses you out and show you how to get rid of the that stress right away. Then we teach you the most important thing about wealth-without addressing this one concept, wealth will NEVER come your way.

Then we get into the nitty-gritty about the five keys to successful investing. Believe me, without a clear understanding of these keys, investing will seem arbitrary and random. With these keys, the chances of success will be stacked in your favor. Then we cover how to diversify, garner real tax savings, and demonstrate how to trim your risk so the next emergency does not set you back 10 more years.

And lastly, we will address how to pass on your wealth without giving it all to your needy uncle – Uncle Sam. Then the book covers the basics of how to leave money to your heirs without creating jealousy and marital problems – just because you were successful and died.

Can this be done in one book? The answer is YES!

Your Guide to Financial Freedom is designed for people that have started the savings process, and are now looking to go from great savers to great investors. This covers entire process from how you’re going to plan for the wealth to be accumulated for those that need help in developing cash flow plans are 78 ways to improve your cash flow. The book goes into the specifics on what a person needs to do to do well and then the book is follow-up by ways of protecting wealth using insurance and other strategies and then tax saving methods that work by not getting in the way of tax code. Lastly of the book falls up with ways of transferring your wealth to the next-generation in the best possible manner. Each chapter follows up with a checklist so you can see what we talk about in the book and how it can be completed for your life.

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