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MGI Publishing has earned national recognition for our approach to investing with over 26 years of knowledge and expertise in financial management. Our author, Brett Machtig is a financial-based author, is a registered investment advisor and consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies on ways to improve their profitability.  He has appeared on CNN, CNBC and PBS and is a member of the National Security Forum 2010.


Appearing on radio, television and featured speaking events in every major city in the United States. Our author Brett Machtig’s appearances include, CNBC’s “Your Money,” PBS’s “Financial Freedom,” CNN’s “ Financial Update”, and numerous local news and morning shows which have all been catalyst in helping Brett come to build a comprehensive educational asset management firm. Brett spent his time listening to individuals stories and concerns on financial matters that affect all aspects of life. Brett’s education and dedication to driving it home that each person holds the key to personal financial wealth is within themselves; he can help you discover the key to unlock the power you have within.

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