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Wealth In A Decade

Discover Financial Security


Wealth in a Decade

Are you financially secure? Imagine what it would be like living off the return generated by your investment portfolio for the rest of your life. This kind of financial security can provide you with many choices. You could quit your job, begin a new career that you truly love, go back to school or spend more time with loved ones. In as few as 10 years, you could be making choices like these.

This is not a get-rich quick scheme. It involves reducing your spending, saving a portion of your earnings and paying off debt. Once these steps have been implemented, you will learn the laws of creating wealth, so you can make your savings grow.

“I’m most impressed with Wealth in a Decade! It contains highly valuable information that anyone can apply to live a financially secure life. I recommend buying it today.”


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The investment strategies outlined within were discovered during the author’s research involving hundreds of investors who became wealthy in as few as 10 years. Wealth in a Decade reveals how to manage your assets so that you can buy low and sell high in any market.

“Wealth in a Decade has certainly challenged my well-established spending patterns. And it has done it without any intimidating and complicated language. What a book!”


Even if you choose to seek professional investment advice, you will learn how to maintain control and responsibility of your financial destiny. A teacher, a salesperson and a chief executive officer can all travel down the road to wealth and retire with the lifestyle they have become accustomed to living. Open this book and, indeed, achieve Wealth in a Decade!

Wealth In A Decade

Chinese Version


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The Corporate Guide to Profit & Wealth

More than a Book


The Corporate Guide to Profit and Wealth

Not your average book: This Business Success Kit consists of 60 text cards, instruction manual and game board. Each card provides either a Scope, Problem, Perspective or Solution designed to help you identify, prioritize, view or resolve the problems that rob you of profit.

The Corporate Guide To Profit & Wealth enables you to massively improve the prfitability, value or savings contribution to a company management team, department or yourself.

The game is very flexible and can be played by one or more players in one, two-hour, one, two or three-day workshop formats. The end result of the game is customized strategic action plan with measurable results related to maximizing profit.