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Helping Individuals, Single Parents, Couples & Families

We provide educational information to the general public on budgeting, personal finance, financial literacy, saving and spending practices, and the sound use of consumer credit, and assists individuals and families with financial problems by providing them with counseling, debt management services or a combination of both. Learn More...

Planning for Your Retirement

We help our readers build a clear path to financial security–an essential step amid what can seem like a bewildering array of choices and an uncertain economy. We have the experience and tools to help each client meet their financial goals. This help includes maximizing investment returns, reducing long and short-term risks, and providing expert advice on their tax, insurance, college and estate planning needs. Browse Books...

Helping Companies & Businesses

MGI helps companies through consulting, articles, and books geared to improve a companies income or cash flow. Direct consultations can be done with the author for either board level or C level advice. In addition, small businesses can also be helped in strategic planning through his books and consultations. Read More...

Helping Students

Helping low-income families save money for college is easier said than done. But it’s not impossible. There are several ways that policy makers can help students and their families stretch each hard-saved dollar as far as possible-and in some cases provide an opportunity to attend college to students who otherwise would be left out. Find Advice Here...

What We Do

Our single focus is to improve the financial lives of the people we touch. These materials will help you, whether you are a Fortune 500 executive, a student, or a retired individual, you will find that our material will help you improve your cash flow, grow your savings, invest your money, protect your wealth, lower your costs, or transfer it to the next generation.

Presentations & Seminars

MGI Publishing would love to host a seminar for your company or school. MGI Publications has earned national recognition for our approach to investing with over 26 years of knowledge and expertise in financial management. Our author, Brett Machtig is a financial-based author, is a registered investment advisor and consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies on ways to improve their profitability. Machtig has appeared on CBS, CNBC, and CNN, and has done live events on a number of topics.

MGI Publishing has produced a number of books on finance which include Wealth In A Decade and The Corporate Guide to Profit and Wealth. These books have helped thousands of people who were concerned and confused about how to take financial control of their lives. Check out our featured selection of titles below.

MGI Publishing has expanded from financial and wealth management books to include books on Art, Photography, Travel, and Human Interest. Titles such as The Secret Killer of President John F Kennedy and other books can be found in our online bookstore.